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We maintain a team of dedicated specialists who are proud of providing patients with a smile that can brighten their lives.  Our team is lead by the irreplaceable Apple Valley dentist Dr. Kelly Hong. schedule appointment

Dr. Kelly Hong is a certified dentist with years of experience in the field. Learn more about her accomplishments below:


Dr. Kelly Hong

Dr. Kelly Hong, DDS

Dr. Kelly has been the “smile designer” for numerous patients throughout her career.  Thanks to her extensive education and training, she continues to reinforce that reputation.  Since her earliest days, her dreams of providing a wonderful smile to her community burned brightly in her mind.

After moving from South Korea to the United States, Dr. Kelly followed up on her dental aspirations by attending the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, she received her DDS as one of the most accomplished students in her class.  She was invited to become a teacher at Loma Linda thanks to her success and dedication to the field.  For years, she has taught and shared her passion for dentistry with students looking to join her in the profession.

Upon the opening of her practice, Dr. Kelly found widespread and sustained success.  Her training has not only benefitted her career but also the patients that experience her phenomenal care.    With artistic flavor mixed into her treatments, she continues to deliver awe-inducing results.

Dr. Kelly is a certified member of various prestigious institutions, including the LA County Dental Society, California Dental Association, American Dental Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

With her advanced background and passionate team, Dr. Kelly is more than qualified to treat your smile!


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