Patient Reviews

I had a tooth knocked out recently that brought annoyances and aches into my life.  I was fortunate to have Dr. Kelly as my dentist, she has never let me down.  She did an awesome job on treating my missing tooth and before I knew it, I was back on the road showing off a complete smile again!  There is only doctor on my mind for great dental care and she is Dr. Kelly!

—Damian I.

Dr. Kelly is a passionate and sharp professional who genuinely cared about my teeth.  She explained her stuff pretty well and I never experienced any moment of hesitation during my visit.  I feel great about my smile every second I’m in her office.  If you have dental issues, go for Dr. Kelly, she is nice and works with a great team!

—Renee C.

I needed a fix for my lost tooth and Dr. Kelly delivered on all fronts.  She and her team were incredible in the amount of effort they put in working on my teeth.  Awesome work from a dentist who knows her stuff.  There is no dentist like Dr. Kelly!

—Sharon A.